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I'm glad you found your way here. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I have been working as a media designer since 2003 and made this job into my favorite hobby, I just love it that much.

Since designing and planning my own wedding in September 2015, I am thrilled by the endless possibilities in this field and I cannot keep my hands off it.

That day, that most people only celebrate once in a lifetime, is something very special and should therefore be tailored to you and your loved one individually.

It's a given for the wedding dress, but the surroundings and all the little things should also show your unique personality and fit into the style of the event.

Over time, I have also built up a vast network of capable and reliable partners in the fields of photography and floristry, so that everything goes hand in hand.

You can first get a consultation without obligation from yours truly, personally, by phone or by e-mail.

But I'm not only passionate about wedding stationery, I have whatever your heart desires related to events, branding or just standing out or adding a personal touch, from logos to image processing, using a variety of materials, not only paper…

Just write or call me, looking forward to get in contact,


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